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  By the looks of them, they seem delicate but they can stand more than most think. Angelfish are freshwater fish but they are used to a certain environment in the Amazon. They like soft water with a lower than neutral pH (acidic). Ideally, they like to live with live plants. They provide more oxygen and help clean the environment. You’ll have to be careful with the ammonia levels in the water since these fish like to at a minimum. This means having a good filtration system to keep the levels low. Feeding your fish is the next step. Angelfish will eat pellets and flakes but like a little variation in their diet as well. Throw in a bloodworm or two from time to time and some brine shrimp to mix things up.

  Overall Look and Feel The Civic Hybrid has a more angular, powerful look than the Toyota Prius. The Prius has a sleeker look with a classy touch. The Prius has a very futuristic feel inside the car. When you're driving a Prius, you definitely feel like you're driving the car of the future. The Hybrid on the other hand feels like a normal car on the inside, except for the dashboard. The dashboard will tell you exactly how much power to electricity you're using in an easy to use interface. The Driving Experience As a rule of thumb, the Toyota Prius has a very responsive system. The only common customer complaint is that the steering and the brakes are "too smooth." The smoothness almost takes the excitement out of driving - but not quite. The Civic Hybrid on the other hand has quite an impressive ride quality. Its steering and braking are responsive and feel like silk. The only downside is that its 0 to 30 acceleration is quite sluggis